The distinct feature that differentiates the Envirobrush® from traditional paint brushes is the replaceable bristle refill (bristle pack®). Benefits of the replaceable bristle refill include easy cleanup, simply remove the replaceable bristle refill and clean. Paint buildup in the ferrule is common with traditional paint brushes, cleaning is a dreaded activity. Complete cleanup is very difficult even with a brush comb.

The Envirobrush® system applies tension to the bristle approximately 3/8” above the glue line to minimize paint buildup resulting in a fast and complete cleanup. If cleaning the replaceable bristle refill is not desirable simply discard the replaceable bristle refill and replace with a new refill. Unique bristle strand placement and gluing process helps eliminate annoying bristle strand loss common to traditional paint brushes. Quickly change colors while the job is in progress quickly clean , or simply replace the bristle refill with a new one.

Save money, a bristle refill is only a portion of the cost of a traditional paint brush of similar quality. Why buy another handle? The Envirobrush® is the first environmentally friendly paint brush. Help conserve the environment, always keep the handle replacing only the bristle refill, thus reducing landfill disposal by over 50%.

The Envirobrush® filament lasts longer cleans up easier and holds more paint which gives you a better brush to do the job. This is an enviro friendly product that is better and costs less.