KCG has made a commitment to researching and developing a line of innovative brush products that will allow consumers to finally have a choice of brush products that could greatly eliminate the number of brush handles being thrown into our landfills every second. KCG has developed a brush system that uses replaceable Bristle Packs ®. This new replaceable Bristle Pack® system allows the user to keep the handle and only replace the Bristle Pack® when worn out. The ultimate goal is to eventually produce paint brush handles that will last a life time. This new system also reduces the amount of water or solvent required in the cleaning process.

The news media and most governments constantly push the importance of saving the environment. Unfortunately, there are almost no funds available for creative inventors to develop enviro-friendly products, so any new developments must be able to be profitably marketed. The “Enviro Brush” products are priced competitively and some of the models could possibly be lower in price.

Governments at all levels and major corporations are extolling the virtues of environmental responsibility and are under increasing pressure to enforce these practices. KCG is dedicated to implementing positive solutions for the environment.

The great news is that many governments and purchasing offices are now specifying that preference be given to enviro-friendly products.

This new brush technology is a giant step towards a better environment. Finally, those who care about our environment have a choice of brush products.