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Kwick Clean and Green® Ltd.(KCG) is a privately owned Canadian company, (taking steps to go public) formed  to develop and market innovative brush technology worldwide. The products, synonymous with the company name, are researched and developed with a concern for the environment. The products including names and systems are patented and protected worldwide, which are now considered to be very valuable.

The company was founded by Mr. Terry Douglas, who has been the president of Kwick Clean and Green Ltd. since its inception. He is responsible for assembling the team necessary to bring this venture to the market place.

From 1967-1986, Mr. Douglas owned and operated Hero Manufacturing Company, a very successful company producing a line of airless paint sprayers and blendorama colorant tinting machines. The customer base was built solidly around the paint and equipment rental industry in the USA and Canada. Hero moved airless equipment from being low on the list up to being the most popular item for a store to rent.

Mr. Douglas has first hand knowledge and expertise when it comes to the paint industry. He ascertained this from his 20 years experience prior to Hero Manufacturing when he owned and operated Douglas Paint Co. Ltd. which manufactured and sold paint through three stores and a dealer network.

The company has a solid management team, administrative staff and enjoys the service and assistance from several professionals in related fields that are necessary for the complete development and production of these products. For a complete list of names of management, legal, accounting Click on "About the Company"

In addition to Canada the USA and other countries the company has also setup and trained staff in China to secure some cost sensitive varieties of Bristle Packs.


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