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Kwick Clean and Green®
Surrey, B.C. Canada

$$ Earn Extra $$

enviro brush think green

Fund Raising

We offer a sensible and easy way for groups to raise money.
To get started, just buy a low priced display assortment of our new professional paint brushes.
Show the samples to your members and have them fill out an order form and state how many they will buy for their own use plus how many they can sell to their friends, neighbours or commercial businesses in the area. Your members then pay you the amount you decide is best. They can pay based on your special group price (the balance later) or the full price that they will sell the brushes for. You send us your total order plus 10% deposit on credit card (Visa or Master card) Balance of payment arranged when order is ready for shipping)

EXAMPLE: The 2” brush is offered for $10 but your group pays just $5.50. This brush sells in stores for $11.95 plus taxes, so not only are people helping the group raise needed funds, they are also receiving a useful product at a special reduced price.

The introduction $50.00 sample package contains 2 brushes and 2 refills of each of the 3 sizes (store price $117 plus tax), plus stand-up display card and 10 – black and white order forms (you can copy more) We pay the shipping cost to your door.

Note: For simplicity we suggest just selling brushes. We will generally be able to give the name of the local dealer where refills can be bought along with a special coupon for 50% refill discount.

Opportunity for sales people.

Here is an opportunity for individuals to earn extra money.
This can be as simple as just contacting and forwarding us the names of groups in the area who have interest in our fund raising program, for which one can earn a small commission or receive or earn a higher reward by contacting local independently owned paint or hardware stores in the area who could be interested in our sales program. If one is looking to have their own small business we would then sell them product at a wholesale price so they could stock & sell direct to painting contractors or industry, school boards etc, who do their own painting.

Contact us for full details

If interested in sales just let us know what area you are interested in. Please give your phone # if you would like to have a telephone discussion.

Our email address is info@envirobrush.com

Here is a sensible product, and the easiest way for teams, schools, churches and organizations to do $ Fund Raising $!

enviro brush think green
Professional Quality

With years of development and testing there is now a superior paint brush to make painting more enjoyable, and also reduce the billions of paint brushes that are tossed into the garbage.

Reuse the handle & buy refills, saves 50%

Every home or business could use a paint brush.
Offer these to your members or parents at prices
that are 20% less than store prices

Your net fund raising profit is 45% ($4.50 of every $10.00)

1.4” size is $8, 2” is $10 and 2.75” is $12.00 ― Refills are ½ the price

We provide free literature and order forms.
Just send us your requirements and we ship prepaid to your door.

Also known as the


For more information, email info@envirobrush.com

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Kwick Clean and Green® Ltd.
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Ph: (604) 591-9122 Fx: (604) 591-9118
Email: info@envirobrush.com

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