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Kwick Clean and Green Ltd (KCG) was formed to develop innovative paint brush technology that would reduce environmental impact caused by the 100 year old design that forces consumers to dispose of an entire paint brush just because the smaller bristle portion was not cleaned properly

KCG was founded by Terry Douglas who has been the President since its inception

From 1967 to 1986 he owned and operated Hero Manufacturing Company a very successful company producing airless paint sprayers and colorant tinting machines. The company was built solidly around the paint and the equipment rental industry in the USA and Canada. HERO moved airless paint sprayers from being low on the list to being the most popular item for a store to rent.

Mr. Douglas has firsthand knowledge and expertise when it comes to the paint industry. He ascertained this from his 20 years experience prior to Hero when he operated Douglas Paint Co, Ltd which manufactured and sold paint through 3 stores and a network of dealers

To eliminate risk factors and assure continued success this company Kwick Clean and Green Ltd,  will incorporate unique business methods.

The normal new company is faced with numerous start up costs, including finding costly lawyers, accountants and staff to service all the necessary areas. Then as sales increase these costs increase. Unfortunately downturns or recessions can occur. It is not unusual to witness a large company who is making millions of dollars of annual profit to suddenly start suffering losses. The reason is overhead.

“KCG” has already experienced these costs and have additionally developed and proven their own exclusive products.

So that the company can offer higher quality products at a lower cost than their competitors the company will operate with the least amount of staff and overhead possible. Market awareness will be created with easily managed fund raising sales and through licensees who already have market share

Of great importance, 10% of the company’s profits increasing to 50% will be given back to help kids and programs that benefit the environment

“A company to be proud of”

Kwick Clean and Green Ltd

#203 – 13395 – 76th Ave

Surrey BC Canada V3W 6K2

Email  info@envirobrush.com

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