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This is an alternative to the highly volatile stock market.The paint brush business is also not severely affected by recessionary periods.The Company owns patents that offer an excellent way to allow paint brushes to be manufactured with replaceable bristle packs.

This just makes sense!! Why would anyone buy a traditional paint brush if they could buy the same filament or bristle blend in a handle that they were able to re-use and just buy refills? The company’s retail consumer surveys indicate that over ninety percent would give preference to buying this type of paint brush.

There has been over $7 million invested over a ten-year period towards research, development and introducing several models.There also had to be extensive market testing to prove that consumers accepted the product and that the brushes performed better and cleaned up easier than most competitor products in the same price range.

There are now vendor agreements in place with several of the major retailers and hardware chains.To expedite sales and reach the largest numbers of consumers worldwide, license agreements are being offered that allow major firms to buy direct from the factories in China and just pay a royalty fee on each brush or refill.

The world market is estimated to be over two billion paint brushes annually with most of these being needlessly discarded as garbage.The only challenge, however great, is to just get market exposure so that consumers know the Enviro Brush is available.

This is truly a company with a policy and products that offer an Environmental benefit and an opportunity for investors to create an attractive profit.

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A complete "Package" is available to all interested investors.

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