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Investment Opportunities

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Investment with Sizzle

The Enviro Brush technology has been in the research, development and marketing stage for many years. In fact Mr. Douglas first gave thought to this, 45 years ago when he had a small paint company.
He could never understand why paint rollers offered refills, but when a paint brush was not cleaned properly the entire paint brush had to be discarded.
He went on to develop and manufacture airless paint sprayers and colorant tinting machines. The H.E.R.O. paint sprayers were voted the most popular rental product by U.S. equipment rental stores.
Success was based on designing a product that offered noticeable benefits and the new design of the paint brushes are modelled on this same type of development and offer “Quality, Value and Enviro benefits”. The Sizzle however is due to the fact that like other paint brushes there can be various blends of bristle with different prices but only the Enviro Brush has patented design and technology that allows for a bristle pack refill, that that can be removed and replaced in 5 seconds. Surveys indicate that over 90% of consumers would give preference to buying the Enviro Brush over regular paint brushes. This offers easier cleaning and a 50% saving, to be able to just buy a refill.
There were various designs over the years but the present professional design that many feel, even looks better than a regular paint brush was first test marketed over 3 years ago. Sales did not develop as expected (only $500,000) because almost no one knew it was available. Two years ago after $7.5 million in development costs Mr. Douglas decided to basically almost close down the business and use his past experience to take personal control and do it right. Now with the exception of the final design of attractive merchandisers and bringing in inventory everything is proven and ready to go with a new marketing plan.
For investment purposes it will be considered that there have been no sales. To give new investors good value the $7.5 million investment to develop and patent the technology along with all the know-how, will be valued at approximately $2 million and 10 % of the company will be sold based on this valuation that calculates to $.02 per share. As sales are proven in the first stores then a further lot of shares will be sold at a higher price. To emphasize the good value Mr. Douglas has invested $4.5 million cash and his average share cost is $.14 per share. When or if the $.02 shares reach his cost of $.14, a new investor paying $.02 will have the value of each $1,000 investment, be worth $7,000.
Please make sure you view the other information and you to should be able to realise that the replaceable bristle pack design may eventually be standard for most paint brushes and you will be able to say, “I helped change the world over to this sensible design”. (plus made a profitable investment in a nice firm)

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